Jason Deraleau

In March 2013, I moved to Denver from the DC metro area (Reston, Virginia to be precise). I lived there for about six years before a promotion at work meant I was spending a lot of time on airplanes to the West Coast. Denver is much better situated in the US and where I live is pretty well-situated in Denver.

Before VA, I was living in the "Knowledge Corridor" (between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA) but I identify most with the Bay State. This means if I had to pretend to care about a professional sports team, it would be the Red Sox. It also means I can claim to have lived in two of the four Commonwealths in the US.

Career-wise, I have an awesome job. It challenges me and I feel like I'm doing some of my life's best work. I travel around the US (35 out of 50 states visited) to meet with large business customers and guide them on their adoption of new technologies. It's interesting to learn about different industries and corporate cultures, explore a random part of America, and then escape a few days later.

When not working, like exploring the flora, fauna, and terrain found in the oceans and mountains. I started diving in 2012 and have logged over 50 dives including wrecks and reefs in the Caribbean; with giant mantas in Kona; and in the world's largest lead mine, Bonne Terre. As for mountaineering, I'm really just beginning my trek. Over the next few years, it will lead me to climb Colorado's 14ers. Ascended so far: 4.